Mains only or Mains/12v

Delta-4 2000 Picture

The Delta-4 charger is a super all-embracing charger answering many multi-charging requirements. Not only does it provide a quick, safe charge for Tx and Rx nicad/hydride(NiMh)s but, because of its user friendly nature, can be used for a host of other nicad applications, (camcorder and power tools etc.) All outputs can be used individually or together as is required.

The unit is powered by 240 volt mains supply and LEDs are incorporated as charge indicators. Four independent charge outlets are provided for 4 to 10 cell battery packs. Individual delta peak 'End of Charge' detection is used with our own innovative Digital System that we have developed over several years. Reliability is paramount when quick-charging nicads and Mainlink have proved themselves to be in the forefront of this technology.

Digital Delta Peak (DDP), is a method of detecting the peak charge point of nicads with far greater accuracy then is used with the more common analogue systems. Microprocessor programming allows us to provide correctly graded detection points so that all nicads, irrespective of their voltage and capacity will receive a correct full charge. Operation is fully automatic and there are no knobs or switches to set and possibly get wrong. One low current outlet socket has been provided to cater for small nicad batteries, say down to 50mAh. This does not stop this outlet being used with larger capacity nicads - it just takes longer to complete the charge! Additional nicads can be connected to any free outlet at any time. The start button needs to be pressed with each new addition.


Q. Can I charge one Tx and three Rx nicads using Delta-4?
A. Yes, up to four packs of differing voltages and capacities can be charged together.

Q. Do I have to start all charges together?
A. No, Delta-4 operates from a single start control but this can be used at any time when additional nicads are added.

Q. How long does it take to charge a 600mAH pack from flat?
A. On the highest charge outlet this would take approx. 70 minutes.

The four outlets of Delta-4 are arranged with three alternative charge rates, 1 at 200mA, 1 at 400mA and 2 at 600mA, which can be used as is felt necessary. You may decide a small nicad should be charged at 200mA (the lower output), in which case do just that. The table below gives some times expected with different sized batteries. Remember the number of cells in the battery of similar capacity, 4 cell (4.8 volt) or 8 cell (9.6 volt) takes exactly the same time to charge. Of course, if there is some residual charge left in the battery from the last occasion then charge times will be less. Delta-4 only charges for that time necessary to give a full charge. Its use obviates the lengthy and boring 'night before use' operation provided by a traditional slow charger. There is no need to use special or vented cells when using Delta-4. All standard celled nicads can be used on an all-time basis. Delta-4 will even work with those transmitters that have a diode in the charge socket and full protection is given should a battery be connected with its polarity reversed. We recommend the lower rate be used for cells of less than 200 mA.











50 mins

90 mins

200 mins

330 mins

560 mins (slow!)


25 mins

45 mins

90 mins

150 mins

280 mins


17 mins

30 mins

70 mins

120 mins

195 mins

The above are only guidelines. Nicads with any residual charge, will be quicker.