Delta-6 Plus 1 - 2000 Photo (small)

Mainlink are proud to release details of their new Delta 6 Plus 1 - 2000 charger. This provides 6 independent delta peak charge outlets. In addition there is an extra single, constant current trickle charge outlet for initial balancing of new cells. The unit incorporates an LCD display to show the charge times of each channel together with respective voltages. The charger can handle 4 to 10 cell packs on four of the outlets and 1 to 4 cells on the remaining two outlets. The trickle outlet can handle 1 to 10 cell packs. The advantage of using this system is that it gives you quicker, safe charging for standard R/C batteries. The technology used is the well-proven Mainlink DDP system.

Batteries can be conveniently charged just when you need them in a relatively short time. For example a typical Tx/Rx pack of say, 700mAh rating will be charged from flat in just over an hour. If part charged less time will be needed. The charger can handle both Nicad and NiMh type packs without the need for any adjustment. Operation is simple; no setting required. Just plug in and press start. Any additional battery to be charged can be added at any time. Go flying at short notice using Delta 6. Isn’t that good?

Any more details required, please contact us. Price inclusive of delivery £147.00