Dilgiliser 2000 Photo (small)

Digiliser 2000 is an advanced micro-processor based cycler analyser for nicad/hydride(NiMh) batteries. This unit is the fourth generation of similar products manufactured by Mainlink Systems. It is able to handle rechargeable nicad and hydride batteries from a single cell up to 16 cells in size and from 100mAh to 5Ah capacities. The operation is similar to that of earlier models by discharging and analysing the battery followed by a controlled charge for a period appropriate to the battery being tested.

An LCD digital display is used which not only gives the relevant instruction for setting but also shows the battery capacity under test and the time elapsed during charge. There is a warning bleeper to indicate any problem with battery connection and a warning message at the end of charge if an intermittent problem has arisen during your absence.

Digiliser 2000 is constructed to our usual high standard in a stoved steel case with simple setting controls arranged in a user-friendly form. The case matches that of our popular DELTA 4 series of chargers. Mains supply is via the IEC cable provided and an illuminated ON/OFF switch is positioned alongside the mains input socket. Battery connection is via the 2.5mm DC socket on the front of the case. This is the same type used with our other equipment enabling any existing wire harnesses you have to be used directly.

There are 16 possible battery capacity settings that can all be selected from 1 - 16 cell sizes. The 256 possible ‘different combinations’ are simply programmed into the system via the SET and START buttons on the front of the case. Not only do the higher ranges cover requirements with larger electric flight and boat type batteries but the facility for checking individual cells is a bonus for those who need to check and create their own battery packs from scratch.

Approximately 18 months of development were needed to perfect this new and useful modelling accessory. During development, charge and discharge studies with some thousand or so battery operation have proved Digiliser 2000 to be one of the most accurate pieces of test equipment of its type available. All discharge and charge current ranges have been specifically created to suit the differing sizes of battery pack. Discharge rates have been uniquely set for each range thus giving a good and true simulation of the battery in its service life. During discharge all packs (or cells) are only discharged to their ‘safe low’ point thus offering all the protection against battery reversal. An added and therapeutic feature which we have perfected on our standard Wide Range Analyser is the use of constant current pulse circuitry. The bonus of this lies in the cell balancing effect produced whenever it is possible. With a micro-processor based system we have been able to provide an accurate temperature compensation feature, a point often overlooked by other makes of similar equipment.

The original and ever popular Digiliser 2000 analysing/cycler for Nicad and Hydride(NiMh) batteries from Mainlink is now available with alternative software to show test readings for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 automatic cycles. Readings are retained in order for the sequence of test runs so we can highlight an improving battery with each cycle. We can also be sure we are not endangering ourselves and others with faulty batteries. Existing units built after 2001 should be suitable for upgrading to the new programme at the modest cost of £12 plus delivery. Unit still straightforward to use with set-up prompts on screen. New Digiliser 2000 can be ordered with the 5 cycle option at normal list price.