Field Friend Photo (small) This is an 'ON THE FIELD' semi-fast charger that provides a top-up charge for both TRANSMITTER and RECEIVER batteries. The charger will work with any pen-cell or larger pack. The charger operates from a 12-volt supply (car cigar lighter socket, starter output on flight panel etc.). Electronically timed independent outputs provide a 34 minute constant current boost to the batteries. After four or five 10 or 15 minute flights, one run of the charger will safely restore the batteries to full charge.

A unique voltage step-up for the transmitter charge section supplies the correct power for higher voltage packs (normally 8 cells), used with most transmitters. This is an essential feature not always included in other "on the field" systems. The charger will automatically switch off after an electronically timed period. If the batteries are completely flat, it will be necessary to perform a second run. Internal regulation allows the FIELD FRIEND to operate safely from the car battery while the car is being driven. The charger comes with two pairs of 4mm banana plugs to fit the charger's sockets.

MAINLINK SYSTEMS see this product as a highly desirable addition to their ever-popular range to fill a gap in R/C accessories.