Flight Panel Photo (small) This panel has been designed as the best alternative to other more conventional units. The glow drive section (the most important part) is based on our pulse drive circuit proven over the last eight years. The panel is presented in an attractive anodised and epoxy-printed case with a sealed back cover. This makes the flight panel one of the most attractive and toughest on the market.

The panel is capable of running the heaviest plugs in use today and can easily power both plugs of a twin. Switching is provided for either 1.5 or 2 volt plugs. There are three LED indicators that show GLOW SYSTEM ON and PLUG OK. The third LED lights when the 12v supply battery is low.

A special switch is provided for the fuel pump which is biased off in the FILL position to reduce the chances of accidental fuel spillage. In the EMPTY position, the switch has a steady action and does not need to be held to drain the tank.

A 12-volt starter can be powered from the RED and BLACK sockets on the bottom edge of the panel. A jack socket provides the power for the glow lead. The ON/OFF switch controls only the glow drive section. This allows the starter and fuel pump circuits to be used for priming and "loosening up". To mount the panel in a field box, a rectangular cut-out and four small screws are all that is required. There are two cables on the rear of the panel for input supply and for connection to a fuel pump. Enhancing the idea of neatness further it is quite acceptable to use the RED and BLACK starter sockets as a means for charging the 12-volt battery. Red and black plugs are provided for fixing to the starter together with a jack plug for connection to the glow lead assembly. These are a standard off-the-shelf size and it would be easy to obtain more if other glow leads etc. are needed.

In truth, we can confidently state that the Power Glow panel is of such a reliable and robust construction that it is the best available units for today's discerning modeller.