HiAmp Photo (small) Not many ammeters are able to show the level of current flowing with some of our power systems. Even expensive multimeters seldom are able to read above 10 amps. This instrument is dedicated to accurately and conveniently measure the high currents experienced with electric flight motors. It is ultra simple to use with its RED and BLACK leads connected in series with your motor and its battery. It is able to read current flows up to 50 amps and for short periods nearly twice that figure. It is thus able to benefit all, from the serious sport flyer to the serious competition flyer.

It is unit is not affected by the inclusion of a speed controller and so can be used to make careful and comparative tests to your installation. Although HIAMP has been designed to check electric motor/power battery parameters, it has many more uses. Its insertion resistance is extremely low, being less than most connecting wire and certainly less than most plugs and sockets.

HIAMP is not polarity conscious, and although RED & BLACK connecting cables are supplied, the unit, is equally capable of taking reverse measurements when the appropriate -ve. sign will be displayed.

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