We frequently receive thanks and praise for our products, here are some of the letters & e-mails:

Feb 2011

Just wanted to thank you for the superb service offered when fixing and servicing our club race timer. Your customer care and support is wonderful and a credit to your company. We are all obeying "the lady the box" again on a Sunday morning now we know who she is! Looking forward to doing business with you again in the future


Jan 2011

Dear Chris
Please find enclosed a cheque for 20 to cover cost of the starter unit repair. Thank you for providing such a quick and friendly support service. This is an example to how customer service should be provided by others.
Thanks again Chris, I look forward to doing business with you again. I am keen on the multi charger that you offer


Jul 2009

The 2000 is very good and so simple to set up I have recommended to friends makes flying much safer.


Apr 2009

Please find cheque for repair of my revcounter. Thank you very much for your tremendous service. I shall recommend your services and products wherever I can.

Steve, Cheshire

Oct 2006

I'm very impressed with the performance of the Digiliser which is much more versatile than my old nicad analyser that I bought from you almost twenty years ago and which is still going strong.


Jul 2006

Hi Chris,

I just thought I'd let you know how pleased I am with the Delta-6 system. The build quality of metal case is most impressive, a far cry from the standard commercial plastic items. Having used the system for a few weeks, I now appreciate its elegant simplicity, especially when compared with the tedium of entering menu options every time. I am really glad that I did not go for one of the very high current system on the market and all the issues of removing batteries for charging and wire current rating, etc. The only problem is resisting the temptation to chop the battery connectors off all of my various trickle chargers so that I can use Delta-6 instead. I may as well though, they are redundant now!


Jul 2006

Just thought I would let you know that I have created a link on my website to yours. We recently purchased one of the items from you and find it very useful indeed, brilliant product.


Mar 2006

Sorry for the delay I just returned from British Columbia. Yes the Digi is doing exceptionally well its spot on when used with good cells. The batteries I had trouble with are all gone as they were approximately 30% below their stated capacity. So I guess they were a bad purchase from a model shop too !! Fortunately the digi did what it is supposed to and presented the correct info. Many thanks for the quality product its saved two models that I dare say would have got into trouble this summer. All batteries I purchase from here on in are coming either from Overlander Batteries UK or will be Sanyo or GP labelled cells !! I will not fall for that one again.

Brilliant product and my thanks for saving two possible wrecks that would have been avoidable.


Feb 2006

Enclosed is cheque for work carried out on the scanner. Can I say again thank you for the excellent service and can assure you that Mainlink Systems will be top on my list when making any further purchases. I will ensure that colleagues in this, and other clubs know of your commitment to providing quality products and service.


Jan 2006

Hi Chris

Just thought I would let you know that I have created a link on my website to yours. We recently purchased one of the items from you and find it very useful indeed, brilliant product.

John www.fozziesyachts.co.uk

Nov 2005

Many thanks for the superb delta 6 plus 1 2000 I purchased from you two years ago. Its working brilliantly and surprises me with its ease of operation and speedy charging ! Its given me more opportunities to fly at short notice than I ever could have before and safely as well which is more important. Its time to replace my trusty wide range analyser its still working fine but with bigger batteries its time to up date.

Kevin (Canada)

May 2005

I have been using your charger and Digiliser for nearly 2 years now and they have given absolutely faultless performance. My confidence in the product is very high and I now have an effective solution to charging batteries prior to flying.

Your power panel which I bought over 2 years ago, is still delivering the goods, this is a record as most of your competitors panels only last approx. 1 season before the output stage of the glow driver goes, and puts 12v on the plug. When you weigh up the cost of your panel against the cost of a cheap alternative and several blown four stroke plugs at £5 a piece, there seems little point in buying Korean, when there is a solid British alternative on the market.


May 2005

"We at Solent RCMYC have one of your excellent Race Countdown Units and we are very pleased with it. As I look after the unit and charging, I feel that some form of battery metering would be a useful, particularly as we use the unit in 2 - 3 hour sessions and it will go more than 1 session before charging is necessary. The reverse polarity diode prevents taking a meter reading from the charge socket.

The unit is great to use and its wonderful not to have to switch off after every start."


May 2005

"I have been using one of your analysers and a Delta 4 which I bought recently. I'm sure you've heard it before, but I am very impressed. I'm also pretty scared having seen some of the values that the analyser came up with on its first re-cycle. 4 batteries no more than a year old coming up from about 62% of their rated capacity, so well done for some excellant equipment."


Mar 2005

"Dear Chris

Many thanks for my recent order of a Power Glow Flight Panel, this is really an excellent product and puts all others on the market to shame, well thought out and great build quality.

Thanks again, I look forward to using this for years to come."


Mar 2005


Just a quick email to say how pleased I am with my new Digiliser. So far, this has given me peace of mind on 2 packs which have not been used for some years and has also shown up a problem with another pack. A with previous purchases fro yourselves, the delivery was again superb."



Mar 2005

"You have kindly provided me with most helpful information. I am much obliged to you. No need to search further! I purchased the equipment, obviously second -hand, earlier last week. The unit is in mint condition. I used it and it worked perfectly. There was a need --on my part - to make sure that I was using it properly. You have helped very much, in that respect.

"Main Link" equipment is much respected in the aeromodelling fraternity. Now I know why! Thank you again for your prompt response to my enquiry and for the time spent in providing me with the info."



"The Countdown is working well and our Sec has mailed all the boating bodies with praise."

"Can you quote me for one of your servo testers as yours is the only one which shows load."



"Many thanks for repairing my Revcounter so promptly. Please find cheque to cover. Thanks again for your brilliant service.' (Ref seven year old unit)"

L. D.


"In addition to your Flight Panel I have had a Delta 4 and a Digiliser 2000 for some time and I am delighted with the performance. Unfortunately for me, I did not realise the availability or necessity for such products. That is until my model hit the concrete at full revs due to the Rx supply failing from Black wire Corrosion. The Digiliser alone would have paid for itself in building time, not to mention the smashed engine and mangles servos. In addition I have read your excellent booklet on Battery Care and now know why batteries behave the wey they do."

Regards Syd


"Many thanks for changing the voltage for me it will make life a little easier. And thanks for a great product if my wide range analyser is anything to go by it will be just what's needed. The one I still use is easily 10 years old but still going strong.... touch wood!"

Kevin in Canada


Fire damages a thatched cottage in Leatherhead, Mainlink Delta-4 Extra suffered severe damage.

"Fine gear is this stuff from Mainlink. A new case and some new sockets was that was needed to get this unit up and running after being ‘cooked’ for many hours in a serious house fire. They reckoned about 250 degrees plus the water damage!

It only cost him £20.00 plus delivery to have it fully working again.

Not many will do this sort of after-sales work.

And no, it wasn’t the Delta 4 that started the fire!"

Alan from Leatherhead (View Acrobat document with news article & photos)



Just like to thank you for the mainlink equipment – and a special thank-you for modifying your delta 6 to support 12V!

The equipment works perfectly!

Many thanks,


"I am glad you build your products to last, the wide range analyser is testament to that fact. More importantly, they do what they claim too... they actually work."

Regards Kevin


Many thanks for this unit which arrived on the day you said it would last week.

A super piece of kit and a practical companion for my Digiliser 2000



Delta 6-2000: What a super unit, - 'The Best'
TL Pengelly, Powys


Delta 4-2000 : 'Excellent service of an excellent product'
C Rann, Hampshire


Hi Chris,

I've had the Delta 4 Extra now for approx 10 years, and still going strong, but will the Delta 4 charge NiMh reciever and flight packs?

Best regards


"Yes, No problem" says Chris



I have been using one of your Delta 4 Extra's since 1996. It has performed sterling service on Nicads. Can I use it for Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, I have tried with a pack I have just purchased which does appear to have the correct capacity when discharged using one of your Digiliser 2000 analysers.

I would appreciate your comments.



"No problem with NiMh batteries on the Delta 4 Extra" says Chris


Hi Chris,

I am glad to see in the latest mags, that you have the power panel back on the market. I have had 2 over the last 18 years, but alas, the last one packed up a year ago, so I would like to know if you have them in stock.

What would be total price including P&P.

Let me know and I will call you to place an order.

Truly great to have the" Rolls Royce" of power panels back in my flight box.........................................

Collin Hart


Hi Chris,

Ordered and received both a Delta 6 and a Delta 4 2000 before Christmas and am very happy with them. Would now like a Digiliser 2000 and would appreciate your sending this as before.


Terry Weeks.


Hi Chris

Digiliser received safely and working just fine! I have to say that this is a big improvement on the previous nicad analyser/cycler, (I've owned both the two previous types) as it can handle any nicad or hydride you care to throw at it!

Nice work Chris, keep it up!

Many thanks. Brian Bethell


Thanks Chris

I am happy now.

I was surprised how poor my transmitter batteries were when I ran them through the Digiliser. It was worth buying just for the information it provided on those batteries.

Mike Devenport. (E-mail)


Dear Chris

Having recently purchased your Delta-4 charger along with two Digiliser 2000 units I felt I must congratulate you on a superb product.From the build quality to the set up and operation,these products are second to none. I have a LOT of models (I know you can only fly one at a time but thats not the point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!),and it is very reasuring to know the TRUE condition of the batteries before flying.

Many thanks,

Kevin Hill. (E-Mail)


Hi Chris,

Finally I have got everything together to start the mega testing program, and I have to say that the HI-AMP is far superior to the Watts Meter; that is in my opinion. I found that after comparative testing the HI-AMP is my favourite. OK you have to use your brain, so what, use it or loose it! I also found that the Watts Meter has thrown up some odd readings, but these could be my poor connections, but I doubt that.

Cheers for now,

Stuart Marsden.

Hi Chris,

Many moons ago i bought an analyser from you for checking my camcorder batteries it has served me well with no problems at all, in fact i still use a battery i bought in 93 due i think to your analyser which is used on a regular basis. What i would like to know is would i be expecting too much of your machine to check a 1.5V x 12cell 2.0aH drill (18v x2.0aH) battery?. I hope i have not asked you this question before! if i have please feel free to give me a rude answer thanks.

Mr JCJebb (E-Mail)


Dear Chris,

Many thanks for your excellent service. Once having had such a charging system it is dreadful to go back to an "old fashioned" 14 hour charge. It meant I had to plan ahead and guess the weather better than the BBC forecasters. I am very pleased to have my charger returned and modified. It seems to be working fine. Many thanks for your rapid response. (Update for 12 volt operation)

Dennis Robson (E-Mail)



The unit arrived on Friday and was operational that night. Delighted with the performance. I am just making up connectors for my various battery packs. Please advise when the next batch of rev counters is ready as I wish to purchase one as well as a amp meter.



Hi Chris,

As you know I have recently purchased three items from you ,a digiliser a Delta 4 Charger and a Servo Tester. I am absolutely delighted with all of them.

Within a few days of purchase have detected a malfunctioning servo,a defective in receiver battery pack (which could have saved a plane)and been able to rejuvenate a 800Mah(which I believed to be perfect battery) from a capacity of 748 Ma to 831Ma after two cycles in the Digiliser.

I am very impressed with the quality and the functionality of your products,which are well worth the expense.I am just so glad someone directed me to your stand at Grantham

Ken Davidson (E-mail)


Dear Mr Bashford

. . . . The Digiliser 2000 is excellent and those batteries I thought were good weren’t and vice versa. I use it constantly. Also your battery book is superb and should be compulsory reading for everybody!

B Mitchell


Hiya Chris

First off having purchased a Digiliser and D6, I’d like to thank you for your efforts in developing such useful pieces of kit. I am well impressed with both items. The Digiliser has just confirmed my suspicions regarding two on-board packs that I thought were giving less than expected but being able to check them accurately will help my failing memory!

Andy Collins



I just wanted to say how great your Digiliser 2000 is. It is fantastic, I found it very easy to use. The instructions were also very good. . . . . .I’ll keep my eyes on your site for new products



Dear Chris,

Just to say many thanks for modifying our Club’s frequency scanner in such quick time, it has just arrived at my front door – a truly fantastic service. I was curious to find out how the display would accommodate the extra channel numbers – all has been revealed – clever stuff. Weather permitting the scanner will be in action again this weekend – it has more than proved itself over the years

Terry Hollis


Frequently we receive praise from our talks that we do, here are some of the comments:

Hi Chris,

Thank you both for a very enjoyable and informative evening.

There were many positive comments made about your talk afterwards and you cleared up several points up for me personally.

I hope you had an uneventful journey home


Paul Ellis

Secretary Beelsby MFC


Dear Chris,

Just a brief note to thank you and Roger very much indeed for coming all the way from

Moggerhanger to speak to us at Boscombe Down last night. I hope you got back without problems.

Batteries and their associated equipment may not be terribly "sexy". But it was clear from the degree of interest in your presentation, and the number of questions, that all members present (including our visitors from the Salisbury club) found the evening informative and entertaining. You did a lot to dispel some of the myths surrounding the subject and have, I am sure, made a very positive contribution to enhancing the safety of our model flying operations.

Thank you again and, on behalf of all our members, I wish you and your company all success in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Cruickshanks



Just a quick note to say thanks to you and Roger for your talk at Kinver Aeronaughts on Friday night. It was very informative. I am glad I purchased a Digiliser at last. It's been a nagging concern of mine for some time!

Peter Creed