For all your small battery charge requirements 12v supply Suitable for Nicads and Hydrides.

The Mini~Four is a purpose charger for smaller nicads/hydrides as used in lightweight models. Tx and Rx batteries can also be charged. All outputs can be used individually or together as is required.

The unit is powered by 12 volt (car battery) LED are incorporated as charge and running indicators. Four independent charge outlets are provided and each will function with a single cell up to 12-cell battery packs. There is no loss of charge capability between a single and 12-cell pack. Individual Delta Peak 'End of Charge' detection is used with our own innovative Digital System that we have developed over several years. Reliability is paramount when quick-charging nicads and Mainlink have proved themselves to be in the forefront of this technology

Digital Delta Peak (DDP), is a method of detecting the peak charge point of nicads with far greater accuracy then is used with the more common analogue systems. Microprocessor programming allows us to provide correctly graded detection points so that all nicads, irrespective of their voltage and capacity will receive a correct full charge. Operation is fully automatic and there are no knobs or switches to set and possibly get wrong. One low current (5-mA) outlet socket has been provided to cater for the charge requirements of new or previously stored batteries. This is not a delta peak charge as at the low current it is unnecessary. Additional nicads can be connected to any free outlet at any time. The start button needs to be pressed with each new addition.


NOTE This unit is designed to work from a 12 volt (car-type) battery. - I.E. a stable supply. Do not try to work it from a small power supply unless you are certain that it is a stabilised one which can supply approx. 2 amps. One of the smaller sealed 'jelly-type' batteries would be suitable.

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February 2002