Revcounter Photo (small) The LCD REVCOUNTER has been produced especially for the modeller. The unit is probably the neatest and most practical of its type on the market. It is also one of the most accurate as it is capable of reading from a few hundred RPM to over 60,000 RPM. The unit does a physical count on the propeller speed, and no range changing is necessary. This is one of the revcounter's most convenient assets as fiddling about with a range selection switch can defeat some of the object of trying to take a quick reading. The REVCOUNTER uses a quartz crystal controlled circuit to form a basis for the count and is therefore highly accurate and very consistent. The MAINLINK REVCOUNTER will give a reading to 100 RPM accuracy. This is generally more precise than any analogue (meter type) unit. The width of the needle itself could easily constitute over 100 RPM variation in the reading. The REVCOUNTER contains a 4.8 volt nicad battery which should provide many months of operation on a single charge. A small socket is provided on the side for charging (with the lead & plug provided) from a standard R/C charger. The unit is protected against accidental reversal of the charging lead.

Optical sensing is used to avoid any loading effects on the propeller. A reading is taken by bringing the unit close to the propeller (4 - 6 inches) and pressing the small button on the side. Readings can be taken either in front or behind the propeller. The RPM reading will be displayed within half a second after pressing the button. Whilst the button is pressed, the reading is continually updated.

All REVCOUNTERS are now supplied with switching for reading of 2 or 3 bladed propellers.