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Pete Smoothy's 'Pick of the Year' (Radio Modeller review)

Mainlink Systems are known to your team for their fiendishly cunning use of electronic innovation for the benefit of happier flying. Their Wide Range Analyser is yet another example of their craft. Essentially it is a battery charger for nicads of all sizes from 250mAh to 1.8Ah and 4 to 10 cells. But there's more. Once charged, the cells are discharged and their capacity measured, before being recharged to capacity again. The measured capacity is displayed on a two digit display. Extremely useful and very reassuring to know exactly the state of health of the vital power source.


Neil Tidey - Laser Engines

Dear Chris,
At present I have nine models with three transmitters which are used for testing and demonstrating Laser engines. I use the Mainlink Delta 4 exclusively for charging all my models. For a starter I use two 7.2 volt Nicad Buggy packs in series which are charged with the Delta 4. The glow batteries are also nicads charged with the Delta 4.

The 12 volt facility allows me to use the Delta 4 on the flying field where mains is not available. It is so simple, just plug any battery pack into any of the charging sockets and press the start button, until the light goes out and you are ready to fly. No voltages, number of cells, capacities or charge time to set, it is automatic.

As an engineer I like the solid metal case and high quality which gives a great deal of confidence in this British made product.


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