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MAINLINK SYSTEMS has a reputation for producing high quality goods at the right time and at the right price. We are a company that specialises full-time in electronic work with over 35 years of R/C modelling experience. Our staff are qualified mechanical and electronic engineers.

For many years we have been aware of the need for a field monitoring system for model clubs and certain individuals. SYNSCAN-35 has taken several years to develop and has undergone extensive testing and field trials.


SYNSCAN-35 is a fully synthesised, microprocessor controlled, 35 MHz field frequency monitor. The purpose-built steel case is stove enamelled for durability and toughness. The scanner can operate from either the internal nicad or an external 12-volt car battery. While using an external supply, the internal battery will automatically charge.

A major feature of SYNSCAN-35 is the dot matrix liquid crystal display that shows all the channel 'spot numbers' in use. The display is easy to read at up to six feet away and shows all channels (55-90) in use simultaneously. For clubs using 20 KHz spacing, the band will scan twice as fast by only checking ODD or EVEN channels.

The scanner is very easy to operate with only a few simple controls. There are two slide switches on the front panel for power and selecting the scan mode (ODD, EVEN or BOTH). There are also two push button switches for PREVIOUS CHANNEL recall and MEMORY RESET. Using the PREVIOUS CHANNEL recall, any channels received briefly while the scanner has been unattended will be displayed. This will enable channels not officially in use to be investigated or avoided. During our field trials, we caught out a club member who had taken his peg off the board but had left his transmitter on with the aerial collapsed in his flight box. This was entirely accidental, but could have had serious consequences. The MEMORY CLEAR button will delete the stored channels and restart the scanning operation. Communication receiver techniques have been used in the receiver side of the monitor. A double conversion superhet incorporates three stages of ceramic and crystal filtering. This gives the correct level of selectivity and sensitivity demanded by the wide variations of signal strength. In trials with an external aerial, reception was detected at over a mile range.

At switch-on, the monitor does a quick self check by displaying our company 'patter' followed by a number check and details of the selected scanning mode.

One advantage of using a microprocessor is the ability to alter the internal program to allow a degree of personalisation. We are thus able to offer the Club its own name (up to 30 characters inc. spaces) on the display during the self-check period. This is not just a luxury but the perfect safeguard against theft, as it is unbreakable without destroying the main program.


PLEASE NOTE: SYNSCAN-35 complements our 'Tx Frequency Checker', which is a calibrated frequency counter for verifying exact transmission frequency.