ServoTest Photo (small) This unit enables you to check servo operation without the need for the radio system. A full range of servo movement is provided by rotation of the control knob on a neat hand held device.

In addition to providing input for control movement, a bar-graph display enables you to check the power consumption of the servo itself. This is particularly useful to highlight a fault in the servo's electronics where high drain can easily signify a faulty amplifier which may let you down suddenly. The display is also able to show undue loads with certain control linkages in the model. In particular, one could discern pending problems with 'snake' links where fuel residue or badly routed cables can cause stiffness

High current drain from servos results in reduced endurance from the airborne battery pack. This alone could result in premature flattening of the battery leading to radio failure. There is a switch fro selecting peak current hold which will record the instantaneous high current levels. This can be cleared at any time by operating the switch in the other direction. Power for the unit can be take from a standard Rx battery pack, a spare outlet in the received or even the charge socket. Used wisely, the SERVO-TEST can pinpoint impending problems by showing existing or developing servo faults.

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