MAINLINK SYSTEMS started providing modellers with quality modelling accessories in 1979. We started in a small way with just one product, the NICAD ANALYSER. This was a unit designed to test the capacity of transmitter and receiver Nicad batteries. The analyser rapidly proved to be a winner and is now manufactured in several forms and boasts world-wide sales.

Our product line has increased steadily over the years with items that have proved right and above all, reliable. Our modelling and electronic experience stretches back to the ground-based transmitter and the 'soft' valve receiver so we have a good feel for the subject.

As far as reliability is concerned, this comes from a good design, good components and quality control. We should not crow about the first point too much; of course we think our designs are good--. Our products have got to be practical and useful. Ask anyone who uses MAINLINK SYSTEMS and you will hear that generally our items seldom go wrong. We use first rate components to make up our circuits and where necessary, we use the best, even if they cost more. We try to make our products look attractive and stay looking attractive. In order to attain this, we mostly use stove enameling where metal cases are used. Printed panels, where possible, are anodised then printed with tough oven-baked epoxy paint. As far as quality control in concerned, not only do we keep a tight check on the various stages of building, but the finished item is the run up for sometimes many hours on soak test. We have built up a range of specialist test equipment to enable our products to be verified consistently.

Although we started with items purely for the modeller, our business has now spun off in other directions. We have found that many of our items have applications other than those for modelling. For instance, we have had an industrial use for our LCD REVCOUNTER and variants of it. Major groups such as British Telecom and the Admiralty, for instance, have asked us for variants of the NICAD ANALYSER/CYCLER. More and more businesses are now using Nicads and need the special charging and timing facilities which we are able to supply.

We are, however, still modellers at heart and out aim is steadily to increase our range of items in this field. We plan to continue to produce high quality, reliable products which both modellers and industry can benefit from with confidence and satisfaction.

Should you wish to discuss any specific requirements you might have and are unable to find easily 'off the shelf' version, have a chat with us. Our advisory and technical service may be able to help.