Analyser Photo (small)To gain peace of mind with nicad batteries, it is necessary to check them regularly. This can only be done reliably by first charging them and then testing their discharge performance. Technically, there is no other way to gauge or analyse a nicad's performance. The battery has to be charged and then run down to verify the charge it has taken. The WIDE RANGE ANALYSER will do this, record the results, and automatically recharge your battery afterwards.

The WIDE RANGE ANALYSER is able to handle 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10 cell packs. It can also be set for capacities ranging from 250mAh to 1.8Ah. Micro-processor control provides a high degree of flexibility and accuracy to meet the needs of today's discerning modeller.

Nicad cycling is now a common topic with radio control enthusiasts. However, MAINLINK SYSTEMS have long realised that cycling alone, for its own sake, is of little use. True analysis is required to show what is happening and to record the results. No amount of cycling will rejuvenate a worn out nicad. We need to know if our batteries are up to scratch or, more to the point, when they are worn out. The analyser gives a battery capacity (mAh) readout on a 2-digit display so the results can easily be seen.

The WIDE RANGE ANALYSER is an 'in house' piece of equipment powered by a 240 volt mains supply. Two rotary selector switches are provided to set the combination of cell number and capacity. Once these have been set, the battery can be connected and the cycle started. Recharging automatically follows the discharge switching off when this is complete. The final discharge reading will remain on the display until any new test is started.

Cycle times will vary according to the settings selected and can vary between 8 hours for smaller nicads and 12½ hours for larger packs. The discharge (test operation) takes between 50 minutes and 3 hours. During operation, the battery's voltage is take down to its recognised 'safe low'. It is therefore important to set the CELL NUMBER selector correctly.


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