All you need for convenient PA & Count announcement. Very simple ~ No tapes

As its name implies, this unit has been designed primarily for race countdown timing for model yachts with the appropriate announcements. The messages have been reproduced from the MYA website that gives the official verbal sequence. There is no tape recorder inside as all the speech is contained in a solid-state device. As such instant timing to START, RE-CALL and RESET is possible. Sounds are clear and of good quality, - perhaps even better than those from a tape. It is possible to select either 1-minute or 2-minute start messages. There is also a setting that allows automatic repeat countdown for race heats. A few seconds pause have been incorporated in this mode.

The unit contains its own rechargeable battery and lakeside trials have already proved a full day’s use is generally in order. It has always been our policy at Mainlink Systems to keep any controls as simple as possible and this we have been able to do with this unit. As the picture shows there is an ON/OFF volume control; a setting for the 1 or 2 minute modes and Start & Reset buttons. An added facility via a selector switch is for use as a ‘count’ or straight PA. There is a small socket on the end that allows for a simple plug-in microphone.

There is no inbuilt speaker and we recommend a standard horn-speaker for sound output, (not included) as this has proved most efficient. Many clubs already have such a speaker but we are able to supply if there is a problem. The speaker is connected via a standard ¼” audio jack socket on the side of the box. The unit is not large measuring only 150 x 100 x 60mm. The battery is nominally an 8-cell 1000mAh Tx type and charging done via any traditional and conventional charger. As an alternative, it is possible to charge the battery via faster charging methods more conveniently in 1 ½ hours via one of our delta peak chargers.

Jan 2005