DIGILISER 2000 - for 1-16 cell packs
The superior Nicad/Hydride(NiMh) battery analysing and cycling system but even more flexible. Tests batteries from 1 cell to 16 cells and from 100mAh to 5Ah capacity. Advanced microprocessor control. Automatic shut-down at end of timed charge. Easy to set up instructions and test results shown on 'state of the art' LCD display. Single, double cycle or discharge only options. Very user friendly and very informative for the serious modeller who desires to protect his hobby and fly with safety. Something really useful to take R/C into the next millennium! Reviews
The original and ever popular Digiliser 2000 analysing/cycler for Nicad and Hydride(NiMh) batteries from Mainlink is now available with alternative software to show test readings for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 automatic cycles. Readings are retained in order for the sequence of test runs so we can highlight an improving battery with each cycle. We can also be sure we are not endangering ourselves and others with faulty batteries. Existing units built after 2001 should be suitable for upgrading to the new programme at the modest cost. Unit still straightforward to use with set-up prompts on screen. All new Digiliser 2000s come with the 5 cycle option as standard.

Mains only £105.00
Spare plugs £1 each.

DELTA-4 2000 QUICK CHARGER - for 4-10 cell packs with LCD display
Quick charger similar to the older Delta-4 but with a built in LCD display to show individualy charging time and battery voltage on each channel. Suitable for both nicads & hydrides(NiMh)

Mains only £126.00
Mains & 12v £160.00
Upgrade from mains only to dual supply £40.00
Spare plugs £1 each.


Hand-held calculator-type unit with 5-digit readout for checking transmit frequency. Set up to work on 35MHz band. Just press the button and hold next to aerial for accurate check to 3 decimal places. Ideal for clubs and competitions. Also able to check receiver crystals both single and dual conversion types ‘Shop Talk’ Aviation Modeller July 1996



Super deluxe slim-line all-electronic unit. The neatest and most reliable available. Will even drive two plugs if required. Switchable 1½-2 volt plug output with LED indicators to show operation. Unique biased fuel pump switch. Totally sealed to protect against oils and dirt etc. Many of these panels are in perfect working order after ten years hard use. Reviewed Nov '90 R/C Model World.


The only crystal controlled tacho available especially created for model use. Reads accurately to 100RPM which is better than any analogue type. Reads from 500 to over 40,000 with no range changing. Internal small Nicad (lasts many months/charge). Switchable for 2 or 3 blade propeller. Reviewed Oct '90 R/C Model World; Jun/Jul '93 R/C Scale Aircraft.


Multi-purpose ammeter for checking electric flight motor currents. Very easy-to-use unit for 0 to 50 amp currents. Large LCD display reading to 0.1 amps. Will read both positively and negatively.


A servo mixer providing a choice of Elevon and Coupled Aileron/Rudder mix.


Race Countdown Timer

As its name implies, this unit has been designed primarily for race countdown timing for model yachts with the appropriate announcements. The messages have been reproduced from the MYA website that gives the official verbal sequence.

Horn £30.00

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April 2014